Julius Malema To Tackle Cassper Nyovest over #FillUpGiyaniStadium


It was a complete smackdown on Twitter after EFF leader Julius Malema tackled Cassper Nyovest for filing legal action against Tsonga musician Benny Mayengani for using the #FillUp phrase, which he apparently trademarked over a year ago.

Benny hosted a concert called #FillUpGiyaniStadium in Limpopo last weekend and apparently did not “get permission” from Cassper to use the phrase.

Earlier this week Cassper’s management told Sowetan that the rapper trademarked the phrase over a year ago and planned to take legal action against Benny.

On Thursday afternoon Malema caused a Twitter meltdown after he pledged the EFF’s support in the legal battle.

The political party also condemned the move in a statement, calling it a “selfish, desperate and lousy attempt to profit alone on what is anyway everyone’s, everyday language”.

“Each day coffee shops and beer halls use the words ‘fill up’, in relation to water, coffee, tea, or any beverage. Imagine that they now have to pay (Cassper) before they call on customers to come for a fill up,” read part of the statement.

The party also told Benny not to be afraid of Cassper’s “lousy” lawyers as it has the “best of the best”.

Cassper’s manager Tlee slammed Malema for “sacrificing the work of another black kid”.

“You take a stance for your homeboy when you know well & clear what he’s doing is 100% wrong is not only opportunistic but embarrassing. I have so much respect for you, this is actually disgusting, we are NOT politicians! You are sacrificing the hard work of another Black Kid!!,” he said.

Here’s what Cassper tweeted before Malema’e declaration

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