AKA: how I moved on from Bonang Matheba


Rap star AKA has fessed up on his experience with breaking up with Bonang Matheba. Speaking on his latest album Touch My Blood, he talked about how the album borders a lot on his emotions and experiences. “The album focuses on my thoughts and emotions”.

He admits that his break up with Bonang last December left him emotionally vulnerable; an experience he is grateful for for making him matured. AKA also reveals that he was much of a committed lover and that was responsible for the emotional trauma that attended the break up for him. “I’ve always thrown everything I have into a relationship. I’m a relationship type, but for the first time I can say I’m in a relationship with myself.”, he said in an interview with Channel 24.

While he missed Bonang, Bonang certainly didn’t miss him. This affectless attitude of Bonang was responsible for him getting over her. “I definitely missed her – I missed being with her and laughing with her and when I realised she didn’t miss me, I had to let go. She made me not miss her.” Recall that Bonang was in New York over the weekend for the New York Fashion Week having a good time.

Right now, his career and his daughter are his greatest preoccupation. Fatherhood, he said, has made his temperament better though he is still learning to be a better at it. “I’m still learning to be a good father. My daughter has helped me mature and grow as a man. I’m a bit more patient now. I think a little bit more before I speak because I understand there are consequences that could affect my entire family.”

He had Kairo – his almost three-month old daughter – with DJ Zinhle. His affair with DJ Zinhle ended when she was pregnant with Kairo. While he respects DJ Zinhle for being the mother of his daughter, he said they cannot get back together. “She’s the mother of my child. She’s a beautiful woman, someone who’ll always be there because we share a daughter, but we are definitely not back together.”

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