Gugu Gumede condemns hypocrisy in the Industry



Talented thespian Gugu Gumede, one of the most popular actors on SABC 1’s most watched telenovela, Uzalo. She plays the character of MaMlambo, a  woman who is extremely controversial and a loyal Christian. Actress Gugu Gumede who is only 25 years old expressed her thoughts on artists living untrue just to trend on social media.

She told TshisaLIVE that, “I have seen people who act for social media. I have seen people act for the popularity. I have seen people who act to trend on social media. That is when you are not true to your character or your craft.”

The artist added that its better to be real despite what fans has to say. “I think they take it too personally. I  have seen people that bash people who bash their characters. They get so invested in it. I have learnt to not worry about what people are saying on social media. You need to not inhale the good and not get bashed by the bad. Just do you. It can be difficult but you need to step away from the character for a bit and just exhale.”

However, the young lady loves to be real and she doesn’t seek for fame as she declared months ago;

“People think that because I am an actress, I want to be famous and I don’t. I am really shy and I would rather spend my time at home with my family or dog. So, when I walk in the mall and people think that I am loud like my character I go into my cocoon. I have no desire to be famous. Before Instagram I was an actress. I just want to do my job.”


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