Trevor Noah compares America with South Africa on racial Inequality


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Comedian Trevor Noah who graced the Emmy Awards in style on Tuesday was interviewed by American TV personality Tanya Hart on racial inequality in America. He shared his thought in comparison to apartheid-era in South Africa.

Noah said, “You know what is interesting is that South Africa and America share a few comparisons with their relationship with race and the racial history both countries have. I think a part of it is coincidence‚ part of it was because apartheid was based on much of what was happening in the United States.”

“It is an interesting world to be in where you can see so many pieces of the world which is familiar to you but at the same time have a different conclusion. In South Africa black people are the majority‚ black people got power and democracy is what freed everybody.

“In America you are still seeing a world where black people are still fighting to be considered completely equal‚ whether it be in the eyes of the law or the boardroom. Whether it be in employment. Just in a world where people go ‘I can get the same loans‚ I can operate in the same world. I can work and live not being a suspect before I have done anything warrant any attention’. That’s an interesting relationship to see unfold in 2018.”

Noah’s point goes down to the fact that the states need to still get to point a where black people are seen as equal to everyone else. Despite, trying to give a perfect answer to the question asked, Noah gave us an unforgettable look on the emmy’s. In other words, Trevor Noah slayed.

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