Lady Zamar perspective about social media criticism



Fashionista Lady Zamar has hit back at criticism over her outfit. She trended for a while after controversial reviews on her outfit on Idols SA.

The artist spoke to TshishaLIVE that she detest when fans says she’s trying to get attention, but she cares less on their comments about her clothing because social media is fickle and she doesn’t get affected by peer pressure on her outfits.  These are some of what she said;

“I am trying to find my identity as an African child and show others they can do that too without being placed in a mould of what you should wear or how you should look. I know that is what I am doing it for, not to get attention. It is not me looking for attention. There are better ways of getting attention. Real attention. You don’t have to put yourself out for mass ridicule. That is dumb.”

“Social media can be very fickle. There are those who love your outfit and then hate it. You will always get those who approve and those who have a problem. I understand that a lot of the hate is misplaced. I don’t like certain things about my favourite brands. The key is to not take things personally.”

“You can’t investigate or make judgments off Twitter. It is just person after person saying one thing. There is no full perspective on it. Until someone comes and breaks it down for me and tells me the reason why I need to stop, I won’t. I won’t change because of peer pressure.”

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