Kwesta opens up on the difficulty of balancing music & family


Kwesta is one of South Africa’s biggest musicians today and he is currently in form having released back to back hits with the most recent Vur Vai making way into the radio. Despite that massive profile, he is a father and a doting family man.

Not many people open up on the challenges they face as a family person. The rapper told Times that he tries his best to be there for the family and for the music but it’s impossible to do both.

“It’s sometime impossible to do both, you end up having to pick one as per day or based on the urgency or importance of what you need to do. But I try to do my best to not work too much or not to spend too much time with my family, neglecting music. It’s a difficult balance to master and in fact, you never get to a point where you have the ‘hang of it’ but I try every day.”

On not being home to put his daughter to sleep he said, “It feels terrible to not be home to tuck her in but I call and say that I won’t make it home in time to say goodnight. Like just last night, I got lost in the moment making music and I didn’t say goodnight. It’s a bad feeling to not be there, to miss those moments.”

Kwesta is currently working on his third studio album titled Dakar III, follow up to Dakar II and I.

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