Hilarious! Watch Trevor Noah welcome Melania Trump to Africa




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Trevor Noah is addicted to making every scene hilarious. On the daily show, he recently expressed his funny thought on Mandela’s status pose which got every ribs cracking.

The comedian is at it again as he took to his show to welcome Donald Trumps wife, Melania Trump.

The first lady is on a four nation tour of Africa and it’s her first extended international journey without the President. The four countries to be visited in Africa are Kenya, Ghana, Malawi and Egypt. She is also on a campaign titled Be Best.

However, this is what Trevor had to say about Melania’s tour and campaign.

“She’s going to Africa to fight cyberbullying. The only issue is that most people in Africa are still waiting to get cyber….”

Trevor also said the first lady is publicly undermining her husband’s message and the comedian tried to do a comparison of what President Trump said to his wife’s message. An instance was when Trump said Lebron is dumb while Melania said she praised Lebron and offered to visit the school.

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