Kwesta – Kid X was the type of person I was



Rapper Kwesta is proud of his achievement in the industry so far, he also admires other musical artists skill such as Kid X.

The rapper explained during a conversation with The Plug Magazine how he met and loved Kid X at first sight. He said, “As soon as i met him, I saw that he was the type of person I was.”

He added, It’s very difficult to keep being a human being when there is girls screaming your name when you’re walking in and when there is guys who just want to be around you.”

Kwesta futher explained that he admired Kid X for not being bothered about fame.

Weeks ago, The 30 year old rapper took to Instagram to straighten things up with Thank Da King hit maker after people tried to create a bad blood between them. he shared some meaningful things about Kid X, whom he called his brother.


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RapLyf, we rap life! A lot of people have been talking about malice and jealousy on my side since the #VurVai drop, trying to create bad blood between us. This is MY BROTHER. I love this man. He gave us his blood, sweat and tears on a classic double album #ThankDaKing If you found something wrong with our rollout then we’ll have to take that. We are grown ass men who understand that we live out our lives in front of y’all for you to make of them what you may. Do Not, however, try and create bad blood between us in an attempt to ignore the quality of the music this #MaanCalledX and I have been putting out. YOU WILL NOT WIN. Thank you to those that support good quality music. #ThankDaKing #Plaak #Mbube #VurVai The RapLyf promise will ALWAYS be kept! @kidxsa @tltamazing @only1makwa @gobibeast

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