How HHP tried and failed with suicide three times


While the cause of HHP’s death has not been revealed, the veteran hip hop artiste battled with depression severely during his latter days. The rapper in fact tried to take his own life three times.

HHP, also known as Jabba, said the first two suicide attempts came as he was struggling to get gigs and radio stations were not playing his music anymore.

“I thought to myself, radio is starting to play trap music only and I cannot do trap music,” as a result, he says he felt like a loser,”

On the first attempt, Jabba said he waited for his children to go to school, went into his garage and tried committing suicide through carbon monoxide poisoning, which did not work after an hour of inhaling the gas. He then asked his friend for his car to attempt the suicide again, which did not work.

The third time he tried suicide was after he had a “silly” fight with his girlfriend. He waited for her to leave the house and tried helium poisoning which also failed.

HHP said he stopped trying after he heard a voice tell him “If you really want to die, you need to live”.



Additional reportage from Citizen

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