Read: Here is why AKA changed the Beam World App name



Rapper AKA shares good news to his fan on Twitter on changing the name of his launched Beam World App to AKA World App.

The App which was launched month ago got lot of attraction and congratulatory messages to the rapper for his next music upgrade.

However, AKA reveals the meaning behind changing the name which is for him to concentrate on giving his fans (Megacy) the best and most exclusive content.

Moreover, the rapper has left the Beam record label, so, it’s of no use for his App to be called Beam.

AKA tweeted, “Great news for me today. Finally … the app that launched as the Beam World App… is now officially the “AKA WORLD APP” … This means I can now concentrate on giving you guys the BEST, most exclusive content!!”

However, the Fela In Versace hitmaker is off to an event organized by Reekbook and he’s planned on having a fun time there as he will be performing there also.

AKA and Reebok Classics have a long standing deal. He’s been their face in SA for about 3 years.


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