Sway Calloway invites A-Reece to “Sway In The Morning”


American TV presenter and journalist Sway Callloway has invited The Wrecking Crew rapper A-Reece to make a stop at his popular show “Sway In The Morning” next year.

Sway reached out to A-Reece on Twitter after his tweet went viral. The 21 year old tweeted, “twenty nineteen i’ll still be rollin’ up papers & turnin’ down favors,”, Sway reacted to the tweet saying, “2019 come up to the show and shred the microphone”

A-Reece is one of the doper rappers from South African that hasn’t made an appearance on Sway’s popular show. The show is known for its freestyle session.

Veteran rapper Stogie T received accolades for his notable freestyle during his stop in the States last month. We look forward to what the young king will be spitting.

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