AKA – “I’m going to vote ANC”


AKA has publicly announced his loyalty to the ANC political party just like he did to his football club, Manchester United.

The rap star declared via tweets that he’s going to vote for ANC during this election. However, he doesn’t know why.
“Honestly, this election … I’m going to VOTE ANC … but I don’t know why. I feel like many people feel that way.”

A fan dragged the Fela In Versace hitmaker by accusing him of being bribed by the ANC party, in other to support the campaign and influence is followers to vote the ANC.

But, AKA didn’t take it lightly with the troll as he urged him to “Use his brain.”
“Use your brain. Do you think I would be able to tweet that I’m not sure why I’m voting ANC if the ANC was paying me to tweet?” He tweeted.

The rapper had more tweets on the vote and politics issue. You can read them here.

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