Gigi Lamayne reflects on life after depression experience


Gigi Lamayne has come out stronger than she was before the depression incident that almost claimed her life.

The rap star shook the music industry late last year when rumors of her death went viral. Though, she escaped death and here she is gaining grounds as an independent woman.

Gigi was recently in an interview at Metro Fm and she’s got lot to say about what’s she learnt after escaping death as a result of depression.

However, she said depression is a thing we battle with daily.

“I don’t know if it is because I am cancerian but I am always trying to save the world. I am always trying to save everyone around me and I forgot to save myself.”

“Counseling has helped. I know that my family and friends have had to adjust to a lot of things. I appreciate memes now. I enjoy memes. It is about enjoying the little things of life that I had forgotten. I have started meditating and reading up about depression.

“It is something I have learnt to deal with every single day. We are not dying or mentally unstable… we are simply misplaced in the world. We are people who care too much.”

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