Lalla Hirayama – “I hated my name”


Local celeba and TV host Lalla Hirayama reflected on her childhood experience. She spoke of how she battled with bullies, hate and critics from school mate and peeps as a kid.

Taking to social media, she summarized her painful childhood memories which brought her to tears back then on a daily basis.

“I dealt with a lot of bullies as a kid, crying daily, not wanting to go to school. I hated my name. Kids teased me about it constantly. 
I had terrible skin, braces and unruly hair. I’m not white, black or coloured. My family is multi-cultural, multi-racial and very ‘different’. I couldn’t fit in no matter how hard I tried.”

Lalla never had the thought that her life was going to amount to such success she’s experiencing now.

“Didn’t think I was good for anything or would result to much.” She added.

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