Lady Zamar reflects on relationship with ex – Here is why he broke up



Lady Zamar is one of SA female celebs who is highly wanted in the singles list. However, she once had an ex who was willing to walk out of the relationship.

The singer shared on Twitter how she had issues with her ex because she disliked repeating instruction more than twice.

Zamar added that the guy broke up with her cos of his ego and he likes things to be said repeatedly. She also added that he grew tired of the relationship as he was tired of being told to step up.

Despite they broke up, the singer said he still doesn’t listen properly. However, she’s got a lesson for a fans from the little piece of her life story shared, which is that; ” She says things just twice.”

In other to avoid seeing the other ugly side of the singer, it’s better to get whatever she says at the first spill, because, she ain’t repeating words more than twice.

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