Stogie T reacts to Twitter thread – “Boity is better than you”



Stogie T’s rapping skills has being underestimated by some fans since the reign of Boity in the music industry as a rapper.

Boity just dropped her second single and it’s being applauded as she spits the bars in a mind blowing her, as people who looked down on her abilities as a female rapper immediately swerved to hyping her.

However, while trolls hit on Stogie for being topped by Boity, despite he’s served us his amazing lyrical prowess, he overlooked their shades but sent a stingy message to them all.

“If you want to be taken seriously you must stop tryna pit people against each other. I can tell from your tweet you don’t give a flying fuck about Boity’s well-being or her career. There are many places you can go visit that will cost you less than a trip to our culture fucker.” Stogie tweeted. 

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