Congrats! Luthando and Reason welcome twins


Luthando LootLove and Reason are super excited about the arrival of their new babies after a long wait.

LootLove who just got welcomed into the motherhood phase immediately took to social media and shared snap of the babies legs.

The twins have being called Hip and Hop since the news of expecting twins went viral in October 2018. However, the baby mama has got more names for her baby girls upon their arrival.

“Hip & Hop. Munchkin & Punchkin. Bubble & Trouble. The loves of my life. My forever.” 

While we can’t wait to behold faces of the little girls, snaps of their legs looked cute and adorable.

“The greatest love I’ve ever known. The greatest gift I’ve ever received. I can’t believe My God loves me this much. I can’t believe these perfect, beautiful baby girls choose me to be their Mom. I’ve Finally transformed into: Mommy Love.” Luthando said. 

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