AKA responds to “ungrateful” Wits University students


AKA demonstrated his philanthropist personality to Witwatersrand University students and in return he was trolled for his act.

Few weeks back, specifically in February, the rapper said, he felt the pains of the Wits students and took up actions by visiting the school, donating R100 000 and gave snacks to the student. It was such an excitement for him as he felt, he was able to help.

However, it turned out that his assistance wasn’t welcomed after some angry students sounded ungrateful in their tweets.

The Fela In Versace hitmaker, tried defending himself, though, apologized but said, he’s gonna be cautious next time, but wouldn’t stop helping.

“Lemme rather just stick to making music … what a shame.” He tweeted.

One of the students who complained got AKA’s attention and she’s by the name Solami. She had a lot to say and the rapper was curious on knowing what level and who she’s repping.

“We were really doing better until you shat on us. If you want to help , humbly sit down with student leadership across the country and you will BE TOLD what is helpful and what is not.” One of Solami’s tweets.

AKA response to one of her many tweets: “I had the endorsement of the LEADERSHIP of the democratically elected SRC at WITS … i did what I did standing NEXT to the PRESIDENT of the SRC. So which leadership are you referring to, and since you have so much to say … who do YOU represent? And at what level?”

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