Watch: Here is Brenda Fassie’s advice to his son, which could have saved him loss


If Bongani Fassie had listened to the advice and words of his late mother, Brenda Fassie, he might have lived better than he thinks.

An old video resurfaced on Twitter, showing the iconic singer speak words of advice to his son, on what she expects to be of him in the future.

In the retro interview, Brenda said:
“A lawyer is very good. In fact, I’m not gonna force you to be anything. But I think being a lawyer will be good so that you can look after mommy’s affairs. So at least people must stop cheating mommy. You must be handling my money, my everything … You must be a lawyer. In fact, please just think about being a lawyer, you don’t have to be one but …”

However, we discover later on in the video, Bongani’s ambition, when he confessed that he actually wants to become a singer – which he ended up pursuing in later years.

Not following his mother’s advice turned out to loosing all of Brenda’s sweat, as it happened that there were fights over Brenda’s legacy and estate since her death in 2004 and Bongani couldn’t do as much as required as he didn’t become the Lawyer his mother expected him to be.

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