Watch: Shimza credits ANC for his achievements



DJ Shimza has got all sort of tongues wagging at a video about him which has gone viral.

In the video, Shimza is seen appreciating the ANC political party for their policies which has enabled him be a successful DJ, philanthropist, business man and promoter.

“I know that if it was any other political party, it would be very difficult for me to achieve some of my vision. They are helping me create what I feel can be one of the biggest things in South Africa (with his one-man shows) … If it was still 19-something, we would be ducking teargas and stuff. But now we are free and can do what we want, and believe in.” Few out of the many he said at the ANC gathering.

Watch full video below:

Not everyone on Twitter was pleased seeing Shimza in that state as many assumed that the DJ was bought.

Check out the different reactions here:

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