Read: 6 Interesting answers from AKA during a Q&A session with BET Awards



Rap Star AKA has been nominated by the prestigious BET Awards as the Best International Act and he’s overwhelmed by this recognition.

The star expressed his gratitude on Twitter and fans went on urging themselves to vote him for the win.

However, BET Awards interacted with Super Mega through tweets and here are interesting facts you should know from the answers AKA dished.

BET QUESTION: Happy Sunday to one of Africa’s greatest musicians @akaworldwide, first off congrats on another nomination for the #BETAwards. Let’s kickstart the Twitterview with What does this nomination mean to you?

AKA ANSWER: Thank You. It’s great to be recognized for my efforts over the last year. To me it means that after all these years, I’m still on that level and that’s really cool.

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