Watch: Khanya Mkangisa’s arrest on drinking and driving charges confirmed



Actress and TV host Khanya Mkangisa is said to have been arrested by the police for drinking and driving as seen in a video which went viral.

In the video, the star is seen with her hands behind her back, while having a heated verbal exchange with a female officer.

Mkangisa’s attorney, Idemudia Uriesi of PI Uriesi Attorneys, confirmed to TshisaLIVE that the video is real and that the actress was arrested on suspicion of drinking and driving three weeks ago.  

“It is not from this morning, it is from three weekends ago. She was arrested on suspicion of drinking and driving.”

“I do not see her doing anything wrong in the video, other than standing up for herself. People should give the process a chance and remember that at this stage it is just an allegation.” He said.

Uriesi confirmed that the actress had appeared in court and the case is still under investigation. Though he had no idea of who recorded the video and put it up on social media.

However, this incident occurred 3 weeks ago and this is the second time Khanya will be having a case in court this year. As she spent a night in jail after been accused of hit and run.

Check out video below:

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