Nadia Nakai on weird wigs – “Done for the sake of swag”



Nadia Nakai is one of SA female rappers whose hair and wigs make headlines and it’s gotten the attention of brands.

The rapper gets criticized for the hair she rocks and other times, receives accolades from fans.

Nadia revealed that the wigs in her cupboard are worth thousands of rand.

However, speaking about one of her recent wig, which was a very long blonde braid, she said:

“I have dabbled with over-the-top hair colours and textures but [the long blonde wig] is the edgiest choice ever. Though I love the dramatic effect of the hair, I must confess it is too much admin and not functional. It is extremely heavy, not easy to walk around with and it hurts my neck. But this has to be done for the sake of swag.”

“Not everyone can rock this kind of hair the way I do. You need loads of confidence, poise and you must be comfortable in your own skin. You need to be able to stomach all kinds of criticism and reviews.”

The star added that the way she looks as a rapper matters a lot, as it’s part of the whole package being a rap star.

Click here to view the many wigs Nadia has rocked.

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