SJava not impressed over “English” use by SA rappers at the Sway cyphers


Award-winning recording artist, Sjava got fans divided with his tweet about the CastleLite Unlocks event which had SA rappers giving the best of their bars on Sway.

Our rappers did well with the freestyle but it was disturbing for Sjava as not a person rapped in the South African language at the Sway cyphers.

“So vele at that Meek show yesterday there was not even one rapper that raps in a South African Language at the Sway cyphers,” he tweeted.

While some of his fans appreceiated him for making them conscious of the “English” use, others dragged him for condemning the hard work and some gave out logical reasons for their rap in English and not in vernacular.

However, the singer didn’t let his defense down as he explained himself further and reacted to some fans tweets.

Check tweets below:

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