Sho Madjozi, Boity, Denise Zimba and Gigi joins Pearl Thusi’s fight against colourism


Pearl Thusi started a thread on Twitter against colourism and it’s sparked more comments from other female celebrities like: Sho Madjozi, Gigi Lamayne, Denise Zimba and Boity.

This all started after a Twitter user trolled Pearl for being light skinned and Sho Madjozi was also dragged, in regards the award she had. Some tweeps felt she got the award based on her complexion.

However, our celebrities ain’t taking a chill pill as they took to Twitter backlashing the trolls and educating them.

Sho said: “I cant be expected to stop being great because colorism exists. But I can try to use my platform to speak out against colorism, I MUST speak out when I see people being treated unfairly because of color and I can try to amplify the voices of talented dark skinned women.”

Boity said: “@PearlThusi you’re an amazing, hardworking, selfless woman. Your gifts were given to you through the path that only God prepared for you and no one, no words, no opinions, no hate can take them away from you.”

Denise Zimba said: “The day black people stand together & not let the history of colonial system trap them, it will be beautiful victory! Dark / light skin, Tsonga / Zulu, who cares! We are failing ourselves andthe enemy just sits still on the slide line winning. Wake up! Protect and support yours!”

Gigi Lamayne also supported all that Sho said over the colourism issue.

Pearl confessed she was brought to tears over the fight against colourism, however, she’s on some self-love diet.

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