Nasty C – “Generation before mine is SLACKING”



Nasty C must have being triggered by an odd experience as he’s out on social media faulting his past generation over the present generation bad acts.

In series of tweets the rapper expressed his thoughts and concluded that the generation before his’ is slacking.

Nasty C furtherly stated their faults and these are the many talks he ranted.

“Generation before mine let their kids bully others on the internet & push them to committing suicide. Generation before mine made up excuses for not being on social media even if it meant leaving their kids on here against a bunch of hateful ppl & no guidance/ protection.”

“Generation before mine thinks small talk in the car otw to dropping their kids off is being in their kids lives. Generation before mine acts like they don’t know that the internet is a huge part of their kids’ lives. The streets is a huge part of their kids lives.”

“Generation before mine acts like they don’t know that their kids only get up to no good when they’re not around. Like they don’t know that if they showed face @ their kids’ schools/ social pages & corners where their kids carve their character, they could save them.”

“Generation before mine stopped whooping their kids. Went easy on them like they deserve it. Generation before mine let’s the lives that THEY brought into this world boss them around. Lol. Sad. ”

“Generation before mine got soft. & without knowing, made it so much harder for their kids to survive/ love themselves/ be their own person. Their kids are either bullies coz that gets them cred’ / victims coz they’re alone or fuckin pawns coz they want validation.”

“Generation before mine needs to get their shit together & work harder @ being parents. We didn’t ask them to birth us, we shouldn’t have to ask them to properly raise us. Generation before mine won’t even see this coz they not here. They rather watch the news & know all about politics & old ass politicians that’ll be gone in 20 years. But they can’t get on Twitter & at least TRY to understand this fucked Up generation that’s gonna be LEADING ”

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