Bonnie Mbuli outraged over son’s racist experience – read



Bonnie Mbuli spills an ill treatment experience received by her 9 year old son and she’s all furious about it.

The outspoken star tweeted on how her son became a victim of racist and was a bit disappointed that she couldn’t defend her little boy.

In series of tweet, Bonnie said:

“Racists don’t realize that Racism is a cancer in itself that destroys the host faster than anyone it oppresses, it turns ppl into monsters who destroy their own lives.On the weekend, a woman pushed my 9yr old son off his bike on the prom and told him to”go ride where you belong”

“I was running 100m ahead of him & he only told me when we caught up to eachother, searched 4 her &couldn’t find her, glad I didn’t coz she was gone catch these hands 4 free & I’d be in jail http://now.How  wicked does ur heart have to be to push a kid off a bike?”

After all explained, the actress’ followers voiced out for her, while others strenghtened her spirit and she was grateful for the kind gestures.

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