Min. of Transport, Mr Fix reprimands Junior De Rocka’s negligence – Read


Junior De Rocka got reprimanded on social media by the Minister of Transport, Mr Fix for driving and doing a video record at the same time with his little daughter, Sbahle at the back sit.

This isn’t the first time Junior’s attention is called out for his negligent act as a father.

Early this year, baby mama, Ntando Duma revealed that the singer gives less money for the care of their child.

Meanwhile, the music artist recently shared a video clip of himself chatting with baby Sbahle while driving and Mr Fix publicly slammed such habit which is common among celebs.

“Molo Mhlekazi, please do not drive and use your phone. It is dangerous and puts your life and that of your little one in danger. Blue cop and Red Emergency lights should never be in the memory of your young one if the worst caused by phone use while driving occurs,” Mr Fix tweeted.

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