Shimza on relationship with Black Coffee – “It’s a bit shaky”


DJ Shimza opens up on his relationship with Black Coffee during an interview, admitting that it’s not all smooth between them.

Shimza joined Black Coffee’s record label, Soulistic, in 2013 and said working with the company  helped his career, but left 2 years later due to reports of Black “playing dirty”.

Speaking recently to MacG, the DJ said the following about Black Coffee:

“He never does that. I think it is because of the relationship we have. It is a bit shaky. He doesn’t book me for his stuff and they are trying to make it difficult for me to book him. He is a bit expensive, obviously. I appreciate that.”

“At some point I was, like, if the relationship is not working, then that is cool. Let’s meet and greet each other. I put in a lot of effort to try to reach out and find out what the problem is. When someone is like, ‘Dude, f*ck off’, I am like, ‘Cool. I have done my part’. At least you know I tried to mend stuff.”

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