Ayanda Ncwane opens up on widows struggles – Read



Business woman and head of Ncwane Communications, Ayanda Ncwane voices out against the struggles and oppression widows experience.

It’s almost 3 years since she lost her husband, Sfiso to the cold hands of death but she grew stronger and bagged amazing achievements.

In a recent Instagram post, Ayanda said that even after 25 years of “freedom” in South Africa, widowed women were still oppressed and unfairly treated by customary laws and some “unbearable culture”.

“After 25 years of “freedom” , Widowed women are still oppressed and unfairly treated by customary laws & some unbearable culture!!!! According to the Bill of rights of the Constitution of SA 1996 ( Act 108 Of 1996) We should be treated EQUALLY!!! But till this day many widowed women are still forced to wear INZILO ( a black mourning attire ) for 12 good months, BUT widowed men can completely carry on with their lives after the burial of her wife. INZILO is NOT a South African culture nor tradition and this should be a choice of a widow not an obligation!!!” Ayanda said.

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