Reason turns down artist’s R100k offer for a verse | He explains why



Reason says he isn’t greedy as he turned down R100k offer for a verse from an artists.

The rapper shared how he turned down the requests on Twitter, but kept the artists name a secret.

Reason further added that why he turned down the offer is because the artists and the song he’s to jump on his “wack”. He also stated that he’s got morals and standards, so he isn’t trading his values for a wack project.

“Sometimes I wish I was a greedy bastard hey. Some dude offered me 100k for a verse. He’s wack af. The song is wack af. But the hunna… would be delicious. And my dumb ass bouta say no cause I have “morals” and “standards”. F**ck,” he tweeted.

However, the rapper’s follower weren’t so pleased with the tweet and they all spilled their various opinions.

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