DJ Fresh responds to rape allegations made by former lover, Penny Lebyane

by adejoy Sep 10, 2019

DJ Fresh has taken to social media this Tuesday to dish out statement in response to rape allegations made by former lover who is a broadcaster, Penny Lebyane.

Over the past one week, some male figures have being called out by women over assault and sexually harassment, using the hashtag I AM NEXT on social media.

On Monday, Penny called out her ex-boyfriend of over 18 years ago, DJ Fresh over rape.

“Imagine being a girl who’s not famous trying to out your famous rapist,abuser,ex emotional abuser boyfriend or even talk about your experience. Besides the worry that no one will believe u we now know that no one wants to hear it, and he’ll vehemently deny it. Until u r dead,” she said.

“If you were 17yrs old when it happened now u are a professional career women, probably married wt children or wt another men who doesn’t want hear it,or colleagues, friends who cringe about it. Let go they all say cos u r the unstable one…So don’t expect victims to say”

Taking to Instagram, Fresh shared a statement in response to the reported violence accusations, which is said to be all false.

“The current allegations are false and without basis. They have been made and published recklessly,” he said.

“As for the statement made by someone I had a relationship with over 18 years ago, they are without merit and denied. I have, in the past, chosen to ignore this person, but due to the implications of the most recent statement, the matter is has been referred to my attorneys to handle and I am not in a position to comment further at this time.

Watch video and read full statement below:

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