Luthando LootLove slams shade on being a mother of twins


TV personality, Luthando LootLove slams critic shading her for being a mother of twins.

On Twitter, the star called out a Twitter user who said, Loot is acting like she’s the first to have twins.

In response, Luthando said she’s glad to have the twins, as they are miracles to her but not withstanding, she understands the critics plight for trolling her.

“Hayi, hayi, hayi, hayi… HAYINI. Thyin’. “Just being nice. Just being nice.” It’s weird. It’s odd. Maybe not to you? But to me it is and that’s that on that.”

“She acts like she’s the first to have twins”… Yimani guys, how am I meant to act? Am I meant to be quiet, not say a damn thing? Not share? Not be annoyed or overly happy that my God trusted me with this?

“Also do you know how HECTIC a twin pregnancy is? It’s high risk from 3 months til the very end. There’s a high chance 1 might not make it. Infact you can’t even be sure in the 1st 3 months because 1 might not develop.”

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