Photos: Inside Khanyi Mbau’s 34th white birthday party


Multi-talented actress, Khanyi Mbau celebrated her 34th birthday in an all white, star studded party.

Days back, the star penned down a lengthy note, appreciating herself on Instagram and also shared a topless snap of herself.

At the birthday party, Khanyi was dressed in white, so also her guests.

Check out some photos below:

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#KhanyiMbau’s Birthday celebration

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Dear Khanyi Mbau Thank you for being kind to my moms body 34 years ago when she carried you to term Thank you for accepting her breast to feed you and back to carry you Thank you for protecting me every time I fell as a baby , or ate an insect Thank you for saving me from the worst nightmares and the boogi man by waking me up in the middle of the night Thank you for all the stories you allowed me to hear and enhanced my imagination Thank you for letting my eyes and brain learn how to read . Thank you for being so kind to me, thank you for forgiving me every time I would misuse you, Thank you for being patient with me , thank you for being so confident and strong at times when you could have given up. Khanyi thank you for being so giving and getting up every morning even in days when I don’t allow you to sleep enough . Thank you for smiling while holding back so many tears , thank you for hugging all those that come to you asking for a picture. Thank you for giving me a daughter and being such a strong mom to her. Thank you for loving my parents and being at their every call and need. Thank you for getting better from each cold and flu. Thank you for allowing me to feed you junk at times and thanking me by loosing weight every time I feed you correctly. Thank you for being kind to all my siblings Thank you for wearing all the clothing I put on you and some are little tight and uncomfortable but you have taken it. Thank you for standing tall every time I put high heels onto ur feet although they hurt and squeeze your toes Thank you for letting me use your skin as a canvas and allowing many people apply make up on ur face Thank you for letting me pull ur hair and mess with ur crown . Thank you for allowing me to feel.. KHANYISILE Mbau thank you for choosing my spirit to dwell in your body. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY BODY , HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US!!

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