Photo: Lootlove celebrates 1 million followers with snap of her twins


Luthando Lootlove is excited to have hit 1 million followers on Instagram and to celebrate that, she shared beautiful photo of herself carrying her 2 baby girls.

Lots of her fans were wowed, as its not a usual act to flaunt her babies on social media.

“LOOTMILLY!! Lol! This is my “THANKS FOR A MILLION FOLLOWS” post ft Lil Miss S & Lil Miss Z! Defs wouldn’t have hit a Milly without them OR you!
Also, this image looks a lot more together than the reality it took to take it ?? Please note Miss Z doesn’t even have her romper on… this shoot also started about 3 hrs later than it should’ve. It was a PR shoot that became their production!” She captioned snap.

Check out the cuties below:

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