Rouge – “Cops are always saying weird shit to me”



SA rapper, Rouge narrates on Twitter an ugly incident experienced with the police.

The star said it’s not her first time she’s been in the same situation with the police, but she’s learnt to stay quiet to help resolve the situation.

Narrating what happened, Rouge told TshishaLIVE:

“It was around midnight that I approached the roadblock. An officer stopped me and asked for my driver’s licence, which I gave him. Just as he was about to return my licence, he flashed his flashlight on my thighs because he could see I was wearing shorts.”

“He then asked why I wasn’t wearing long pants, considering I was driving alone late at night. Although he was being humorous, I still felt very uncomfortable about it.”

“The officer then also asked why I wasn’t wearing long pants and driving alone late at night. But he wasn’t speaking out of humour and had more on an off-ish note.”

Rouge tweeted the incident which led to conversations between herself and followers.

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