Did A-Reece and Flame get into a public brawl?

by Fakaza News Dec 3, 2019

A-Reece and Flame’s relationship is unknown since the departure of the Candy Man crooner away from The Wrecking Crew. Flame’s departure led to a split and the whole crew had to be disengaged.

Last weekend was a bit hectic for Flame, he slapped a fan and now a video has appeared online and it appeared to show him and a friend that looked like A-Reece having a brawl along the road.

Fans are claiming the other party is A-Reece but what can not be questioned is Flame’s involvement in another altercation.


Reece deserves some slap😂😂😂 why did he say " "sao controller sfebe sao" to Flame pic.twitter.com/5uKeaJxPcM

— 🎯🐒 ⓚα𝓜๏ 🐯 (@MorganizerSeak) December 1, 2019

Enough With the Bullshii …

Here’s Something To Celebrate🎉 pic.twitter.com/AfQTCtdCg9

— C🍭NDY M🍬N (@LaFlameSA) December 1, 2019

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