American actress, Gabrielle Union gushes over Pearl Thusi


Pearl Thusi is over the moon for being praised by American actress, Gabrielle Union on social media.

The American star makes it a habit to hype her “Women Crush Wednesday” and it was Pearl’s turn yesterday.

Yes! We know of the SA star’s recent achievements and it’s mind blowing.

In a lenghty note shared on Instargam, Gabrielle said she’s a fan and also mentioned some amazing things about the Queen Sono movie star.

“Today’s #WCW is the talented and captivating Pearl Thusi (@pearlthusi). I met Pearl randomly in a bar in Barcelona while watching the World Cup, right after watching her Netflix movie, Catching Feelings… and I completely fanned out!”

“She is the kind of woman that’s a superstar for all the right reasons. She is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, friend, mother and more. She has her own hair care line called Black Pearl Hair… and launched the first ever MAC Collaboration in Africa EVER. Her project Queen Sono is Netflix’s first African original… before her they had never done anything script to screen on the continent! And her movie Catch Feelings was their first African movie ever licensed.”

“Her passion for education, women, kids, and fighting HIV has lead her to some incredible work…. helping Global Citizen, many other organizations, and starting her own, Black halo, to focus on helping rape victims. To continue her philanthropic efforts, she just started working with Nkosi’s Haven.”

“I’m so inspired by all the work she does. From her immense talent to her groundbreaking roles to her hairline to raising her 2 daughters. Just, WOW. Let us lift her up in the light of goodness and hold her there.”

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