Prince Kaybee on cancelled gigs – “They called me arrogant when I said Diversify Your Portfolio”



Prince Kaybee proves to fans that the coronavirus outbreak in SA isn’t affecting his income due to the many other businesses he’s got outside music.

Hitting back at those who claimed to “own their masters”, the DJ says diversifying their portfolios would have helped in situations like this, when gigs are cancelled and almost all artists are on self isolation.

“They called me arrogant when I said “Diversify Your Potfolio” Now gigs are cancelled, Masters are not moving, people applying for payment holidays, its Feverish,” he tweeted.

It is assumed that the DJ is referring to DJ Maphorisa who gave a list of those who owned their masters which included himself but not Kaybee.

Prince also revealed that he’s invested in hand sanitisers and also said;

“So I’ve realized that during this time, artists that depend on hype are gnna have a problem, the consumer has more time to stream and listen to TALENT…, not “did you hear ***** performed on top of a taxi” Hope you keeping safe and washing ur hands.”

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