AKA apologizes to Sizwe Dhlomo’s family over offensive tweet



AKA takes to Twitter apologizing to Sizwe Dhlomo and his family over offensive tweet.

It was tense between the them few days ago to the extent that the rapper dragged Sizwe’s grandfather by questioning how they finally had a farm during Apartheid. 

Sizwe reacted to Supa Mega’s “offensive tweet” on his family legacy by taking tweeps through his family’s history.

However, on Saturday, AKA tweeted that they’ve ironed out their differences and also apologized to everyone whom he might have offended via his tweets.

“I would like to apologize not to just the entire Dhlomo family but also the friends and comrades offended by my tweets last week. After educating myself properly about the sacrifices made by Sizwe’s grandfather and others close to him, I realize how reckless and stupid that was, AKA tweeted.

“Myself & @SizweDhlomo have ironed out all our issues and from here on out … we straight. We realized we go too far back for things to be this way. Doesn’t mean we won’t disagree from time to time but that’s how it’s gonna be.”

Reacting to the tweets, Sizwe simply retweeted it in other to confirm his awareness.

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