First SA Covid-19 vaccine trial kicks off in Soweto residents



First Covid-19 vaccine trial begins in Soweto as 8 people got vaccinated on Wednesday.

Wits university who had earlier announced the movement on Tuesday said, it’s purpose of the trial is to find a vaccine for the deadly infection.

2,000 participants would be divided into two groups. The eight, who became the first citizens to take part in the global Covid-19 vaccine trial from Soweto are among 2,000 people from across Gauteng.

Shabir Maldi professor of vaccinology at Wits University and director of the SAMRC’s vaccine and infectious diseases analytics unit, who is leading the SA study has expressed his excitement about the vaccination process.

“I won’t lie, this has been keeping me up at night. It’s the safety of this trial that is the most important thing.”

“With these trials we are aiming for the vaccine to bring about a 60% reduction in people being at risk of developing the virus, he said.”

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