“The pain is worse than surgeries and childbirth” – Covid-19 survivor



Jade and George Wyngaardt and their four young children recovered from Covid-19 at the seafront hotel-turned-quarantine site. They were discharged after 12 days at the facility.

The mother who was the first in the family to begin to feel ill on Saturday June 6, is a former breast cancer patient, who was treated for cancer while pregnant in 2017. She is in remission, but she is also more vulnerable than most to sickness, after undergoing chemotherapy and a double mastectomy.

On Tuesday evening June 8, while her family slept her symptom took hold. The next day her husband woke up to discover she wasn’t able to move, with a severe headache, body pains and vomiting.

“The pain I experienced between Tuesday evening and Friday surpassed the pain of surgeries and natural childbirth,” Jade said.

After her test came back positive, George family have been moved to a quarantine site at the Lagoon Beach Hotel in Milnerton, Cape Town, on Friday June 12.

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