Cyril Ramaphosa rails against racism and intolerance in SA



President Cyril Ramaphosa said racism and discrimination were on high side in SA, on Friday.

While celebrating 65 years of the Freedom Charter during ANC virtual event, Ramaphosa addressed the obvious rise in racism, and as well stated that the country was tearing down the aspirations of the drafters of the document.

“As we see a rise in racism, discrimination that is based on ethnicity and narrow nationalism. it is for this reason that the ANC and the alliance has embarked on a campaign against racism,” said Ramaphosa.

“We must continue to work with progressive forces on our continent and the globe to stamp out racism, intolerance of whatever nature, even intolerance of what is clearly set out in our constitution, intolerance against any form of sexual orientation,” he further said

Ramaphosa urged his party members to embark on a concerted campaign to root out racism both in SA and across the world.

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