Mogoeng Mogoeng – Leaders stoked fear during Covid-19 pandemic



Chief justice of the Republic, Mogoeng Mogoeng described the words used by SA leaders in the course of coronavirus pandemic as “fear stricken”.

The words consistently pumping into the media platforms entered the minds of the people, causing fear among the nation, that even people of faith where boldness is supposed to be found, suddenly loose faith in God.

“It took three months to have the whole world wallowing in fear because of words that are spoken by leaders in the political sector, leaders in the media, leaders in the private sector”, he said during a webinar discussion

“Leaders saying so many people are affected by coronavirus, so many people are going to die. They are even prophesying they know how many people are going to die. I don’t know how they know that,” he added.

If leaders have been speaking positive messages, words of healing, restoration, unity, love and economic revivals the country will be in a better position.