Mmusi Maimane calls for national “school stay-away” on Friday



Leader of One SA Movement, Mmusi Maimane together with his organisation have called on teachers and pupils to come together in order to protest for the national movement on the Friday, 10 July.

On Tuesday, Maimane disclosed that the purpose of the stay-away movement is to protest against the government’s decision to reopen schools during the Covid-19 pandemic.

This comes after the Pretoria High Court dismissed Maimane’s submission that schools should not reopen before the peak; As well as schools reporting shortages of basic resources.

According to Maimane, through the protest those who believe schools are unsafe and should remain closed until basic safety measures are in place, can now take back their power.

“After consultation with stakeholders, I today announce the One SA Movement call for a National #SchoolStayAway this coming Friday 10 July. We call on teachers and learners to stay home on Friday in protest of the decision to reopen schools before Covid-19 infections have peaked,” he said.

So far 2,740 teachers, of the total of about 440,000 teachers in SA, have been infected by the coronavirus, and 1,260 pupils.

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