Beke Cele – “Whoever stands in SAPS way must feel our wrath”



Police Minister Beke Cele addressed members of the South African Police Service on the Friday morning July 10 at the Carousel Toll Plaza in Gauteng.

In a statement, Cele instructed the police officials to continue “guarding against the invisible enemy” and for the public to support the efforts of law enforcement agencies.

He spoke about the response of uniformed officers to incidents of gender-based violence (GBV), ordering them to act with empathy and compassion for victims and leave no stone unturned in bringing perpetrators of heinous acts against women and children to justice.

“Continue to treat victims who come to you with empathy, investigate case throughout and leave no stone unturned in bringing perpetrators to book. I want to emphasise that this remains the priority.”

“People who go to police stations, especially victims of GBV, must be treated accordingly with respect. It is important to say whoever gets in our way must get the wrath, the anger, of the law, no matter who you are.” Cele said.

Cele further revealed that The National Commissioner, General Khehla Sitole, has taken a hard stance on SAPS members who have broken the rules.

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