‘Covid-19 took my best friend’, Journalist says after losing dad



Journalist Sisanda Aluta Mbolekwa has taken to her twitter handle to share an heartbreaking news about her dad who died of Covid-19.

The journalist revealed she lost her ‘best friend’ and her family’s ‘pillar of strength’.

The journalist, who is based in Johannesburg, shared on social media that her father died after contracting Covid-19.

However, it is not news that coronavirus has killed over half a million people worldwide and it continues to spread devastation as the world awaits a vaccine.

Mbolekwa detailed the last time she and her father spoke.

She said: “Last time we spoke, I video called to show him my degree. He said ‘ndiyazingca ngawe madlamini wam, oh uThixo mkhulu.’ He then coughed and I asked what’s wrong and he said it was just a little flu. He said he would go test but it’s ‘just a flu’. Covid-19 took my best friend from me.”

Mbolekwa dubbed 16 July as the worst day in her life.

She wrote: “16 July 2020. The worst day of my life. Got woken up by my dad’s comrade asking for my address at 6am. 20 min later he was parked outside telling me that my father is no more. My mighty tree has fallen. My life. I am so numb. So broken. There is nothing left for me to live for.”

South Africans gave credit to Mbolekwa for being courageous and able to share the painful story online. However, she revealed she had no choice because things are falling apart at home.

Mbolekwa said: “The only reason I’m venting here is because everyone at home is crumbling, we’re at a point where we’re all critical and are mourning heavily. So I can’t share my frustrations offline without bursting into tears and that stresses my mom. I’m keeping it together for her sake.”


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