COVID-19 in SA: Calls for schools to be closed


In Johannesburg, there are increasing calls for schools to be shut down as the country nears the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

A lot are concerned (including the Teachers’ Union) about the number of teachers and students that are being infected.

Cosaa, a student organization has also joined the call, instructing that Grade 12 camps should be set up.

NATU – National Teachers Union suggested that quarantine facilities be implemented as venues for teaching Grade 12 pupils.

In an article written by Servaas van der Berg, a Professor of Economics and South African Research Chair in the Economics of Social Policy, he stated that by the early weeks of August, South African children would have lost between 30 and 59 days of school depending on their grade.

He further stated in the same article that teachers will not be able to complete the curriculum, thereby resulting to lapses in children’s education.

However, the National Association of School Governing Bodies agreed that schools should be shut down for grades other than Grade 7 and 12.

Grade 7 and Grade 12 they must be, one way or another, insulated to remain taught the fact being Grade 7 are going to high school next year and Grade 12s are going to university and more specifically Grade 12s are writing external exams and there is no way the Department of Education can assess them internally,” said Matakanye Matakanye, general secretary of the NASGB.


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