COVID-19: Number of cases on the rise in KwaZulu-Natal


As of Friday, 24 July 2020, KZN has recorded more than 53,000 cases of the coronavirus, after 13,000 infections were reported in a week

Dr Zweli Mkhize has expressed concern over the number of COVID-19 cases in KwaZulu-Natal, saying the province seems to be following the same trend as the Western Cape, Eastern Cape, and Gauteng, in term of infections.

Mkhize tabled the Health Department’s budget vote speech during a virtual sitting of the National Assembly on Thursday, 24 July 2020.

This is based on the average daily cases that we have been recording. We have publicly stated that the storm is upon us”, he said.

“This is evidenced by the surge in different provinces, namely, the Western Cape, Eastern Cape and Gauteng. KwaZulu-Natal appears to be following the same trend and we are now watching the province closely.

As Mkhize had correctly anticipated, the number of coronavirus in the country have exceeded the 400,000 mark, while the death toll stands at 6,093.


As of Friday, 24 July 202, the number of confirmed positive cases is 408,052. KZN has recorded more than 53,000 cases of the coronavirus, after 13,000 infections were reported in a week.

Mkhize said:

As the globe, we have now tipped the 15 million mark of COVID-19 confirmed cases. As a country, we also know that by the end of this week, we would have reached the 400 000 mark of cumulative confirmed cases.”


Mkhize said government is mindful of the fact that while the while the focus has shifted to fighting COVID-19, it still has a responsibility to ensure the gains made with the HIV, TB and other programmes are sustained, regardless of the COVID-19 pandemic.

…The new baseline budget for 2020/201, based on adjustments, is at R58.4 billion, with a total allocation of R5.5 billion earmarked for COVID-19.

“The reprioritisation of focal areas includes our most urgent and pressing needs in the midst of a surge in COVID-19 cases,” the minister said.

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