Catholic newspaper shuts down due to Covid-19



Covid-19 has forced another community newspaper to shut down.

SA’s catholic weekly newspaper, The Southern Cross, will be retrenching all its staff at the end of July.

Although, they have plans of going digital if possible.

This is a shocking decision as the catholic newspaper is three months away from its birthday.

Gunther Simmermacher, editor of the publication, said the closure was heartbreaking.

“Like so many other businesses and institutions, the coronavirus crisis and the resultant crashing economy have wrought havoc with our capacity to continue operation as before.

“Our financial reserves are exhausted, and with churches still not reopening, or doing so under heavy restrictions, there is no immediate prospect of assured income which might allow us to retain our staff.”

The company said its loyal staff tried keeping the business but it was not sufficient. They hope for a “funding miracle”.

Simmermacher said three retrenched staff members will continue to produce a weekly Southern Cross newspaper in digital format but as a freelancer.

However, the publication is planning to explore the possibility of relaunching as a monthly magazine where subscriptions will be converted to and will continue to serve as a hub for news.